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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Schedule Shmedule! We Want More! Amazon Falls

Alright, so I know you got super excited when you read the full schedule for the Women in Film Festival weekend extravaganza (how could you not?!), but everyone wants to know more about the films, right?!

So here is a spotlight on the last film of the festival, the amazing Amazon Falls

Jana is a fading B-movie actress who was famous for her roles in Amazon movies playing a variety of pre-Xena warrior-princesses.  Nearing 40 she is desperately trying to keep her leg in the B-movie game and decides to pursue her fading career with a zealous fervor.But new roles are elusive and the clock is ticking.  Will she admit defeat or finally get her break?
This film is brought to life through the absolutely stunning direction of Katrin Bowen. 
Raised in a Mennonite community in Linden, Alberta, to acting in B-movies in Los Angeles, to modeling in Italy, to directing independent films and television in Vancouver, the excellence of Katrin Bowen's films are matched only by her admirable life experiences. 
The Film, Amazon Fall, has a killer website with loads of keen info for anyone who is interested as well as a first-rate press kit, contacts, and a store.
Visit the website here!

To learn more abut Katrin Bowen, her industry history, and her current projects:
visit her website here!

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